Liberty Park
July 17, 2021 at 8:00 pm
Directed by: Jonas Poher Rasmussen
Film type: Documentary
Runtime: 90 minutes
Year: 2020
Country: Denmark,France,Sweden,Norway
Rating: Not Rated
Language: Danish, English
Subtitles: English
Film format: Digital

Flee is our Closing Weekend film and part of a collaboration with Sundance Institute to offer free screenings to the community. The screening is outside at Liberty Park and reservations are required. This feature film will be preceded by a collection of Utah-made short films.


Damn These Heels Closing Night Centerpiece.

Flee uses archival footage and a beautiful, animated style to tell this powerful documentary executive produced by Riz Ahmed (The Night Of, Sound of Metal) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) and is written and directed by Jonas Poher. This hand-drawn illustrated feature is gorgeous and haunting and it is bolstered by a superb score of iconic 80’s hits. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for International Documentary Competition at Sundance Film Festival in 2021, this harrowing tale is heartbreaking, empowering, and a reminder of the empathy and action required from all of us to end wars, and support asylum seekers, and immigrant storytelling. 

Think animation is not for you?  Think again!  This remarkable documentary tells the terrifying and true story of Amin, a refugee who recounts for the first time his brave escape of war torn Kabul and his concealed past. He is a gay Afghan whose life and family is torn apart and scattered across Europe by war. Compelled by fear to keep his story veiled, finally safe in Denmark, Amin meets up with a high school friend to tell his story: of how a young boy in Kabul with a crush on action star Jean-Claude Van Damme turns into a man fleeing his country, an arranged marriage, and certain death. This film renders his journey to self-acceptance and defies genre with an unconventional queer love story.

– Jade Velazquez, Damn These Heels programming committee member

Official Selection:

2020 Cannes Film Festival, 2021 Sundance Film Festial

Free screening of Flee at Liberty Park, SLC at 8 pm on July 17.
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