Streaming Online via Eventive
July 9, 2021 to July 18, 2021
Directed by: Bernadette Wegenstein
Film type: Documentary
Runtime: 90 minutes
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Rating: Not Rated
Language: English
Film format: Streaming

The Conductor

With every note diligently studied, Marin Alsop stands before a hundred instrumentalists, elegantly weaving their individual sounds with a delicate precision and fervent passion. Musically inclined from a very early age, with a dedication to the art of ensemble work and orchestration, and mentors the likes of Leonard Bernstein, Marin Alsop has rightfully earned Music Directorships from some of the world’s major symphony orchestras. 

Journey into the male-dominated, elitist world of conducting to gain insight into how Marin once addressed an entire orchestra that banded together in protest of her appointment as their Music Director. With an imbalance of commitments to her professional career and to those of her wife and son, Marin has also taken very needed steps advocating for future generations of conductors and instrumentalists who are experiencing socioeconomic issues of opportunity and access to the orchestral world. 

Filmmaker Bernadette Wegenstein sheds light on some of the challenges Marin Alsop has encountered over her illustrious career with a finely executed documentary that also reminds viewers of the numerous variables a conductor needs to orchestrate in order to produce masterfully ephemeral music performances. 

–  Atticus Reo, Damn These Heels programming committee member

The Conductor worldpremiered athte 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.

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2021 Tribeca Film Festival

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